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Isabel Restrepo

Singer, multi-instrumentist, and video producer born in Medellín, Colombia, and currently based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Leader of Fabulae Dramatis, a Progressive Musical ( Rock/ Metal ) project based in Belgium. She sings, plays sitar, and harmonium, and improvises with other instruments such as djembe and saxophone.

“Horus”, “VenenuM” and “Stigmatas of Dissaor” from Honduras, Central America were some of the musical projects she participated in, being at that time (2003) the first frontwoman of a Metal band in that country.

Restrepo finished her 6th year in classical music education in 2017 at the Music Academy in Antwerp, Belgium where she studied classical singing and general music culture. She also graduated as Camerawoman at the Media School in 2016 and as a Social-Cultural worker in 2015 in the same city. She’s currently studying Film & Video Art at the Academy of Fine Arts and working in a social-cultural organization.

Isabel produces all the Fabulae Dramatis videos. She is able to perform in all the roles on set, such as camera, script, costume design, direction, and post-production. 

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